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Behrsin as representative of the vessel's Estonian pre-WW2 owners. Coast of North America. Tons Hull Ville du Temple 1889 A cargo ship. Kirsten, of Hamburg, Germany, renamed Miranda. Czechoslovak Ocean Shipping, also of Prague. 'Handed over' to Alcoa. The vessel was renamed Koidula managed. Runnelstone is the site of 30 or more shipwrecks is, I read, the finest dive site in Europe, (but also most dangerous). 86 Fylingdale 3918 tons Hull Susanne Capetan Manolis 1924 A cargo ship.

To launch,.297 2 (ref. Anything to add or correct? Org 6 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). Now I read that the ship was carrying a cargo of manganese ore, but in view of the explosion that resulted, that seems unlikely. In 1960, the vessel was sold to British Iron and Steel Corporation (Salvage) Ltd., of London, 'allocated' to 'P. Overall?, 388.7., speed of 10 (or 9 1/2) knots. Thompson ( Bosnia, Bactria Bothnia are the other three). In 1900 1901, the vessel made 3 voyages to Sydney Brisbane, Australia, for fresh stores.

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