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likely to be the largest outgoing; imported foods are also relatively expensive, then there is schooling. Hong Kongs rank is third from the Global Financial Centres Index after London and New York and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange is the 6th in the world. Hong Kong is a recognised global centre of trade, and has one of the largest, busiest container ports in the world. Amongst the widest range of healthcare services throughout the globe are on offer, and some of the SARs private hospitals are considered to be among the very best of their type in the world. Professional taxation advice is an essential requirement for every expat. We believe it always helps to know something about the history of the place you are about to call home so, here goes: Hong Kong became a colony of the British Empire in 1842 after the First Opium War. Citizenship or residency isnt necessarily considered when determining taxation.

It is important to keep in mind that, as an expat, you are generally still responsible for filing taxes in your home country. As one of the worlds leading international financial centres, most of the worlds largest or most well known (and some not so well known) banks (. Actually working in Hong Kong.

Les intérts économiques de la France sont importants à Hong Kong ; en 2007, 680 sociétés françaises étaient recensées sur le territoire. Some other facts and figures, hong Kong has an area of some 1,104 km2 (426 sq mi) and this is growing every year due to on-going land reclamation; the official population is just over 7 million and the city is one of the most densely populated areas. Pour les autres discussions, avis, questions, opinions, rencontres, etc.: merci d'utiliser le forum). Nous venons de terminer la traduction française manuelle de notre guide en anglais. Avec une population de plus de 7 millions de personnes habitants seulement sur une surface de 1104.3 km2, Hong Kong est un des endroits les plus peuplés du monde, bien que la plupart des iles en périphérie ne soient pas habitées. However, salary tax is only considered for income that comes from business conducted inside of Hong Kong. Capitale: Hong Kong, plus grande ville: Hong Kong, superficie totale (km2 1 104, population (2010. Depuis la reddition à la Chine, les choses n'ont pas trop changé en considérant que l'économie de Hong Kong est toujours sous le contrôle de Hong Kong au moins pour les 40 prochaines années. Typhoon Warnings are graded on a numeric scale and Rainstorm warnings are graded on a colour scale. The bill arrives from the Hong Kong Inland Revenue in a green envelope. Obtenez plus d'informations de nombreux articles écrits par des expatriés pour les expats sur la vie à Hong Kong dans notre autre site Expat"s. Suggested Reading, Web sites and Blogs There are numerous books and guides to living in Hong Kong available on line or at most major books shopssome suggestions include: Community Advice Bureau Settling into Hong Kong Rough Guide to Hong Kong Living and Working in Hong.

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